My name’s Nicole Lovelock Mears and I’m a 30-something professional living and working in Dubai. I moved here 2 years ago with my husband after 11 years based in London and in desperate need of some sun!

Slowly but surely I’m working my way through the food and nightlife scene in the UAE. However, not content with my sandy surroundings, I am jumping off wherever possible to explore all worthy destinations within an Emirates flight Radius.

I never intended to get so involved in the foodie side of Dubai but my clear obsession with photographing and documenting pretty much anything that went into my mouth on Instagram accidentally led to me receiving a few invitations to try out a couple of new restaurants, which then spiralled into what you see before you today.

I spend probably 90% of my waking time thinking about food, planning food and eating food! The rest of the time I love exploring what this beautiful country has to offer, staying up to date with fashion and beauty trends and travelling to far flung places to experience new cultures.

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