Spa Review: Diva’s Night at So Spa Sofitel

Let’s face it who doesn’t love a bit of pampering? I’m an absolute fiend for a massage and have actually been to So Spa in the Sofitel several times. I love the facilities, the outdoor pool and their 60 and 90 minute massages are always on the Entertainer; even better!

Keen for a night off a mummy friend and I decided to check out their “Diva’s Night”. Every Tuesday between 6-10pm you can choose from either two 30 minute treatments (a back neck and shoulder massage, eye treatment, foot massage or a head massage) or a 60 minute full body massage accompanied by mocktails, canapes and use of the spa facilities all for 299 AED.

We left it a bit last minute and booked a few days before meaning we could only get a massage at 8.30pm, which was probably a bit later than we’d have liked but we weren’t going to say no; we both reallllly needed it. We decided to get there around 7pm to make the most of the food and all the chills. Robes and slippers donned, we entered the lovely, dimly lit spa. The male and female sections are separate but there is a small, outdoor infinity pool that is mixed along with a relaxation room too.

Given it still felt like a gazillion degrees outside we grabbed a seat at the indoor pool where there was a selection of salads, fruits, dips and vegetable crisps. The selection wasn’t huge but perfect for a light, healthy nibble. There was a tray of “mocktails”, which were really just mixed fruit drinks, they served a purpose but I certainly wasn’t there for the mocktails. (Had it been cocktails it would have been a different story!) They also had tea and infused water available, because: all the health.

We spent the next hour enjoying mummy’s night off, talking about our babies (obvs!) and relaxing in the hydrotherapy pool, steam room and sauna before we were called in for our luxurious 60 minute massages. The treatment rooms are all perfectly lit, with relaxing music and the therapists are always fantastic.

Priced at 299 AED per person it’s about what you would pay if you went for a 60 minute massage using the Entertainer, but you’ve got the added canapes and “mocktails”. I think personally it would be even better if they threw in a glass of bubbles or wine just to make it feel that extra bit special but maybe I have issues?!  I also think it would be nice if they had a facial on offer, as I have a few friends who don’t like massages (weirdo’s I know) and the only non-massage treatment was an eye treatment. Other than that it really is a great deal and perfect for a healthy girly night. Do be sure to book in advance however, it was pretty busy!


Nicole x

For bookings contact 04 455 6677 or


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