Slab, La Mer: My New Go To Casual Dining Spot

Every now and then I kick myself (hard!) for not going somewhere sooner. I had heard rave review after rave review about Slab but somehow the past 6 months has just managed to get away from me. However last weekend I made it. FINALLY. And boy oh boy am I glad it did.

Slab is the brain child of banker-come-restaurateur Fadi Al-Said who based the concept on his culinary experiences from around the world. With Chef Omar Rodriguez at the helm and a keen focus on quality ingredients, incredible cooking techniques, a seasonal menu and healthy eating at its core what’s not to love?

The industrial-chic decor complete with exposed ceilings and an abundance of grey is just beautiful.  It somehow manages to achieve a level of cosiness you wouldn’t think possible with so much metal and marble on display.


The staff, in particular our server Angela and the supervisor Sabine and let’s not forget Chef Omar himself, made our Saturday lunch a true delight. They were friendly, chatty and genuinely excited for us to be there and to share the food coming out of the open kitchen. Slab is the epitome of fantastic service – other Dubai establishments please take note.

OK, enough of the preamble; let’s talk food. We began with the humble “Chips and Dip”. The chips were simple but the smoked onion dip was just on another level. Creamy and moreish I could have literally drunk buckets of this stuff.

Snapseed (2)

Next up it was salad time and we couldn’t resist the “Heirloom Tomatoes” which come with oodles of gooey stracciatella cheese, peach, basil and a charred onion vinaigrette. It’s simple but utterly delicious. On the recommendation of our server, Angela, we tried the new “Fall Salad” which came with charred sprouts and broccoli, red grapes, cashews, squash and a yogurt dressing. My husband turned his nose up at the sound of it (he isn’t broccoli’s no. 1 fan!) but we actually ended up fighting over the last spoonful. Alongside these we were served the Potatoes Tostones which are first smashed then fried served with a tasty aioli and were the perfect accompaniment.

I feel like this is just a complete love-fest but I can honestly tell you it’s all true. Every single dish is so noteworthy and the Crispy Octopus and “KFC” Kung Pao Fried chicken were no exceptions. The octopus was one of the freshest I’ve ever had and the flavour of the chicken wings was Finger Lickin’ Good! (Don’t tell the Colonel I stole his line!)

Last but by no means least on the savoury dishes we simply had to order the Smoked Beef Jam which I’d had my beady little eye on since I first spotted it on Slab’s Instagram page. Grilled sourdough topped with truffle mustard, 16 hour smoked beef jam and pickles, this dish was every bit as delicious as it looks and sounds. Its super rich though so definitely plan to share one!


At this point I could already feel myself slipping into a happy little food coma when I heard the word “desserts”. Feeling genuine concern for our stomachs we opted to share the Tres Leches rather than having one each however we were quickly brought out The Tres Leches, The Insanity Pie and a new addition for next season The Espresso. Well… it’d be rude not too right? Needless to say we polished off all three. I think we have issues… The Espresso encompasses all kinds of Tiramisu feels with espresso soaked bread pudding mascarpone and cream; it is beautifully rich and the coffee nice and strong. The Insanity Pie does exactly what it says on the tin. It is INSANE. A cookie base with lashings of sweet brown sugar and a lovely sour cream ice cream to balance the flavour, this is definitely the one for when those sugar cravings strike. And last but by no means least the Tres Leches. It was soft and fluffy with sweet summer fruits and topped with a cornflake crunch. This may have been my favourite.

I can honestly say I don’t have one single criticism of our trip to Slab. Everything was perfect; the wonderful hospitality, the beautiful tasty food, the stunning interiors, the totally ‘grammable tabletops and the incredible seasonal concept. It’s a total winner in my book and I personally cannot wait to return to check out more the new “Fall” menu coming in October.

And do you want to know the best thing about Slab? Not one of their dishes is over 100 AED. Yep, not one.


Nicole x

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