New London Hotspot: Frog by Adam Handling

Word up London peeps, Adam Handling has a new restaurant in Covent Garden and it is not to be missed!

I was in London a couple of weeks ago and always have a couple of girly date nights where we try somewhere new and different. This time my friend and I decided to give Frog by Adam Handling a whirl and boy am I pleased we did.

I’ve been dying to try Adam’s food ever since he was in the final of Masterchef, The Professionals in 2013. Since then his career has gone from strength to strength with the opening of “Adam Handling at Caxton” after the show, followed by The Frog E1 and now Frog by Adam Handling.

Nestled on Southampton Row, the restaurant has a lovely glass front facade, it’s dimly lit and super cute. Needless to say I was VERY excited. The restaurant isn’t huge and made up of low seated tables and a large open kitchen at the back. My friend wasn’t too keen on the set up and decor and felt the space should have been broken up by a few booths but I quite liked the modern, open plan interior.

To kick off the evening we were brought the already famous “Chicken Butter”. This is exactly what it sounds like, butter made of chicken juices and fat and topped with crisped chicken. Admittedly it had potential to be a tad on the gross side but I am not kidding when I tell you this tasted like actually happiness. Both me and my friend couldn’t help mopping it up with the warm sourdough bread provided. So much for going carb free!


Next we decided to try a couple of dishes from the “Snacks” section of the menu. The Smoked Cod and Caviar was divine and not to mention one of the prettiest dishes I’ve ever seen. The Scallops came out diced on squid ink crackers and were perfectly complimented by the zingy lime and cucumber. We were certainly off to a great start!

For starters we both couldn’t resist trying the Tuna and Beef Tartare. I love beef and tuna separately in tartare form but I’ve never had them together so we were really intrigued as to how this would work. The dish came out beautifully presented yet again with deliciously crispy garlic crostini on the side. The verdict? Well, they nailed it! It was so tasty I could have eaten mountains of the stuff. The addition of the kimchi was fantastic and really added a lot of flavour to the meat.


For mains my friend went for the cod prawn cocktail. The lovely (if somewhat small) piece of baked cod was presented atop a prawn cocktail-esque mix with a fish bisque on the side, which our server poured at the table. The flavours were subtle but fantastic and the fish cooked perfectly. I normally love a fishy main but decided to try something a little different and opted for the Salt Beef. The beef came accompanied by pickles, sour cream, mustard and a delicious beef croquette. I love anything “pickly” and so this dish was most definitely my favourite of the two. It was just divine!

We actually felt quite full after all that and decided to skip dessert and finish our lovely bottle of wine before having a cocktail in the bar downstairs. Whilst on the topic, the wine list is fantastic and really well priced. We enjoyed a fab Californian Pinot Noir for just £25 per bottle!! Bargainous – Dubai take note.

After we’d finished up the wine we headed downstairs to the dark, cosy cocktail bar and tried out a couple of the bartenders recommendations. By this point I’d given in to the booze so my apologies for the lack of pictures and detailed descriptions here. All I’ll say is the bar was sadly a bit quiet but I loved the decor and the space so hope that it picks up in the future.

All in all an impeccable meal with a genius takes on some of the more traditional dishes. The technical skill, beautiful presentation and delicious combinations make this place a serious winner in my book. I’ve already recommended it to all my London friends and look forward to returning when I’m back!


Nicole x

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