“Huntress” Ladies Night at Hunters

October is definitely the start of event season over here in Dubai. New menu launches everywhere, new restaurant openings, new brunches and new ladies nights going on left right and centre.

Last Wednesday I was invited to try the new “Huntress” ladies night at Hunters, the steak restaurant in the Westin Mina Seyahi. I was keen to give it a whirl as it’s been about 18 months since my last visit and the ladies night offer sounded pretty amazing – 50% off for ladies dining together with free-flowing wine. That’s certainly not one to be sniffed at. I took one of my girlfriends along who has a similar penchant for steak and red wine as me and we were both very excited.

The restaurant itself is nice, fairly dimly lit, dark furnishings and a huge open kitchen in the middle. It also has a lovely little terrace lit with fairy lights which is perfect for the winter months. Upon entering we were greeted right away by our waiter and taken to a table near the window with views out onto the terrace. The restaurant itself was fairly quiet, save a large table of what looked like holiday makers and a couple of groups of ladies dotted around. The terrace on the other hand was pretty busy however as it was still a little on the humid side and in the interest of saving our hair from major frizz-related issues sitting indoors seemed the safest option.

We were brought the ladies night menu, which was extensive and our server immediately offered us a glass of wine, a choice of red, white or rose. We both opted for the red which was Eagle Hawk Wolf Blass Merlot, a nice wine and especially on a free-flowing ladies night – refer to my previous post where there is talk of seeing nondescript wine being poured from a vat at a venue that shall not be named.

Before we had even selected our food we had a bread basket delivered to our table complete with a salt-tray – a selection of 10 different types of salts – which was a lovely touch. Next it was time to order. I normally find myself double-steaking at a steak restaurant (steak tartare, followed by fillet steak, a true carnivore at heart) but this time I decided to go off-piste and try the Tuna Tartare. My girlfriend went for the short rib skewers. Both came out quickly and were really tasty. The tuna tartare was fresh, well-seasoned and well plated. According to the menu it was supposed to come with an avocado puree and I wouldn’t have complained if there was a bit more avocado on the plate, you know my feelings on the yummy green stuff. The beef rib skewers were again well presented, had a really delicious marinade and the corn salsa that came with it was divine.

As mentioned above, fillet is the cut I tend to go for when dining at a steak restaurant and is my yard stick for comparison. There were two Tenderloin options on the menu and my friend and I both decided to try the Australian Black Angus. The steak was 190g which is a little on the small side for me – my inner-piglet would normally go for around 250g – but I consoled myself with the fact that at least I’d have room for dessert. The steak was lovely and very well presented but at 240 AED (90 AED more than the NZ tenderloin option) I’m not sure it is totally worth the money. I think on return I’d definitely go for the NZ Silver Fern which I’ve had previously and always enjoy. No steak meal is ever is complete without fries and Hunters’ parmesan fries were definitely a winner! We also tried the sautéed mushrooms and the roasted broccoli with pine nuts, both of which were lovely accompaniments.


Onto desserts, and we decided to feed our chocoholic sides with the Chocolate Mousse along with the Crème brûlée. The Crème brûlée was really good, with a perfectly crisped top and shortbread to dip in which always goes down well with me. But the chocolate mousse… what to say about the chocolate mousse…??? This didn’t come out as either of us expected it to but holy mother was it good! With chunks of chocolate sponge (which actually had more of a brownie consistency) smothered in chocolate mousse and gooey salted caramel it was so moreish. I was actually really sad to have to share it with my friend and to be honest I think she felt the same (it was pretty obvious from our fight to scrape up every last gubbin). Do not miss out on this!

The final word? We had a great night. The ladies night offer is just fantastic and the food was delicious. I’m not going to say it’s my favourite steak restaurant in Dubai as it is lacking a bit of atmosphere but for a relaxed get-together with the girls at 50% off with free-flowing wine it’s seriously competitive and I’m sure as word spreads it will get busier. I’d also recommend trying to get a table out on the terrace as it is very cute and was a bit livelier than inside.


Nicole x

For more infomation please visit http://www.huntersdubai.com/ or call +97145117373

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