the new Ladies night at The Scene

Much like brunch, ladies nights are an institution over here in Dubai. You could go out every night of the week and find a ladies night offering discount on food and some form of free alcohol. Much like brunch there are several varieties of ladies nights depending on what you are looking for. There’s your casual ones, your dress like a lady-of-the-night ones, the foodie ones and a couple of downright nasty ones. My recommendation is always do your research first!!

One of my favourite “pubs” in Dubai, The Scene, located in Pier 7 in the Marina has just launched their new Tuesday ladies night so a girlfriend and I went along to check it out. It’s a fab spot for a relaxed meal with friends, they do a mighty fine roast and it has stunning views over the Marina if you have visitors who don’t want to re-mortgage their house for a good dinner out.

Their ladies night is a simple concept. Two hours of unlimited drinks when dining. A pretty good deal if you ask me. And the best news is they don’t mug you off with a limited selection of cheap drinks either. They offer 5 different cocktails, including the below Mango Daiquiri and Froze. The Froze was most definitely our favourite; lovely and fruity but not too sweet. The options also include a selection of premium spirits and a choice of red, white or rose wine, all Torres. It’s a fantastic offering and certainly beats some of the other ladies nights that I’ve visited where you see the waiters pouring red wine out of a vat with no labels, leaving you to wonder if its been brewed out back in the kitchen and knowing full well you are going to wake with a rather rusty head in the morning.

After indulging in a couple of cocktails we decided it was time to get ordering some food. I was even more excited about our evening once I’d discovered that they’d just recently launched a new menu. In keeping with their British theme there were loads of delicious sounding new dishes and I was particularly drawn to the Veal Scotch Egg with HP sauce but after a rather indulgent weekend I decided to try to keep myself on the straight and narrow (alcohol excluded).  Instead I selected the Masala Prawn Cocktail with mango and chapattis and was not disappointed. The prawns were huge, meaty and perfectly cooked. The sauce had a lovely sweet zing to it without being too spicy. I would comment on the chapatis but I decided to save myself from the carbs and to be honest they weren’t even necessary as the dish was a really good size. My partner in crime had the Baked Beetroot Salad, Stilton and Pecan Brittle. This had a delightful combination of flavours and was really well portioned. A lovely light starter and perfect for any veggies out there.

For mains I opted for the Pan Fried Salmon, Organic UAE Tomatoes, Strained Yoghurt and Zataar. This came out on a piece of flat slate and scored top marks for presentation. It was absolutely stunning and I loved the addition of the edible flowers. I was really impressed with the organic UAE tomatoes; far too often I find fruit and veg over here tasteless and bland but these were seriously divine. My friend selected the Roast Beef Fillet served with truffle mash, Stilton and red wine sauce. This arrived perfectly cooked and packed full of flavour. The steak was a good size at around 200g and clearly of a high quality. I’m a sucker for truffle mash so this was a great accompaniment and was super smooth and well-seasoned. I’m actually drooling just writing this… guess where I’m going for dinner tonight! Our mains were complimented by a lovely glass of the wine on offer for ladies night.

As you may well have noticed I’m not one to usually say no to dessert but we were both feeling a tad on the full side and trying to be a little healthier so instead of going all out and having one each we decided to share. How good are we?? Having seen a couple of pictures of it on social media I persuaded (bullied) my friend into the Cherry Bakewell Cheesecake. The dish itself was so pretty and really well plated. It didn’t look like your typical cheesecake, which I guess it wasn’t, but it really was delicious. I’m not a fan of a heavy cheesecake and this one was nice and light which was perfect for me. It was sweet but not too sweet. My only criticism was the base, normally my fave part, was a bit on the thin side.


After stuffing ourselves silly we rounded off our evening with another cheeky glass (or two, hic!) of vino before heading home to sleep off our food comas. Would I return to The Scene for ladies night? 100% yes! I’m already planning a little date with the wider group as it’s such a great spot for a lovely girly catch up. The food is well priced and really well portioned and the 2 hours of unlimited drinks with plenty of options is an absolute winner. The Scene has a great vibe, it’s never hugely packed early in the week but has a lovely buzz which makes it perfect for a casual get together and couple of hours of gossiping. I am very excited about getting to sit out on the terrace once the weather cools down too!

Definitely one to add to the list.


Nicole x

For more information please call +971 (0)4 4222 328 or visit:











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