Guest Blog: Nancy’s Cafe, Rhymney Valley

After announcing my entry into the blogoshpere to my father-in-law, Patrick Mears, and explaining the concept he was highly intrigued and decided that he too may dip a toe into the restaurant review business.

A couple of weeks later I received the below and couldn’t resist sharing it! Enjoy!

“International Gourmands , if you ever find yourself within a hundred miles of Ystrad Mynach in the Rhymney Valley, South Wales then make a pilgrimage to Nancy’s Cafe! You will not be disappointed!! Nestling just beyond the Railway Arch on the road from Ystrad Mynach to Nelson, this delightful off the pavement establishment has much to offer the most discerning gourmand.


On entering this unpretentious Jewel you will be greeted by the sprightly octogenarian proprietress, Nancy (see above). Then your eye will be drawn to the  artistically hand crafted menus. Be amazed at the choice of dishes – each one a pinnacle of prandial perfection ! (Note the quaint redundant apostrophe.)


After making your choice you can observe other clientele savouring their meals in the certain knowledge that you will soon enjoy the same delightful experience.


Then be amazed when your own meal arrives!


And all this for a modest £4 .

Is it any wonder that the Rhymney Valley boasts one of the highest rates of premature heart disease in Northern Europe!?

 (Cash only, no receipts given)”


Please note that these are the thoughts and opinions of Pat Mears only. She Dined in the Sun takes no responsibility for any offence caused!

Nicole x

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