Let them eat Cake at revo Cafe on the palm

This is a short and sweet (literally) blog that I couldn’t resist writing after visiting Revo Cafe last week.

I woke up feeling a little worse for wear on Thursday morning after a heavy works night out and having seen some of the brekkie’s on offer at Revo Cafe in Anantara on the Palm I decided I owed myself a little treat. So I hopped in a taxi and off I went…

The cafe is located in the residences side of the Anantara, just a little further on from the main entrance. You can’t miss it as you drive up, with huge floor to ceiling windows facing out onto the road. For those of you driving they even have valet parking to make your visit as easy and stress-free as possible.

Upon entering the cafe you’ll notice the fresh bakery as soon as you walk in filled with pastries and cakes. Lots and lots of humongous, beautiful, delicious looking cakes! The cafe’s actually quite big, brightly lit (thanks to all the windows) and decked out with lovely wooden tables and colourful walls.

I quickly found myself a little spot in the corner close to the window (and away from any children – my poor head couldn’t handle any form of crying or chatter) and checked out what was on offer. They have a huge breakfast menu with options ranging from smoothies, healthy muesli’s to tasty looking eggs Benedict. However, upon entering the cafe my beady eye couldn’t help but notice the blackboard advertising unlimited coffee with a slice of monster cake for only 35 AED. Given my sensitive state and obvious need for sugar/caffeine how could I resist?? I quickly dashed back over to the bakery to check out the cake options. There were 6 to choose from and to be honest they all looked divine but the red velvet pretty much called out to me and just begged to be eaten.

I sat myself back down to catch up on emails and Instagram (obvs) and eagerly awaited my naughty little treat. I didn’t have to wait long… about 5 minutes later I was greeted by a lovely latte and what can only be described as the biggest slice of cake I think I have ever seen! It was massive, like seriously massive!

I tucked right in and the joy that coursed through my veins was unreal. The cake was so fresh, beautifully moist and full of favour. I’m actually ashamed to admit that I almost didn’t finish the cake it was that big but I couldn’t face wasting any of it so persevered and managed to get it all down me, much to the shock of the couple sat next to me!


I finished off my lovely little morning with another latte and then made my way home to trawl through all the emails I’d clearly ignored whilst stuffing my face!

This place is well worth a visit. Their coffee and cake deal is an absolute steal considering I’ve paid 30 AED for a measly coffee in some other places in Dubai. I literally cannot wait to go back. I’m determined to try some of their breakfast options and resist the cake next time but we’ll see… I only have a limited amount of will power!!

I also found out that they’ve just opened a new branch in the Movenpick Ibn Battuta, so I feel like it would be rude not to grace them with my presence.

Nicole x

For more info visit http://dubai-palm.anantara.com/revo-caf-/ 

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